A FRESH AMERICANA BAND! Swing, Rockabilly & Country


Boyz n Beez 3


This AWARD WINNING modern day female Vocal Trio combines Rockabilly, Country and Swing into a show that gets everyone up and dancing! Backed by their stellar 4 piece band they perform top hits from Elvis to The Andrews Sisters, Ray Charles to Aretha Franklin, Johnny Cash to Tammy Wynette, The Everly Brothers to The Stray Cats and many more, all in a fresh and innovative way! As if that weren’t enough, add into the mix a top notch male Vocalist, who also doubles as an emcee and sound man. With Boyz and the Beez you get the whole package!

Aired on radio stations WORLDWIDE to include, KJAZZ 88.1 FM (US) “The Great Johnny Magnus,” Swingtime Radio also featured on “The Wagman’s” Nothin’ But The Blues radio program where Boyz and the Beez CD entitled “Buzzin’” was chosen as one of his Top 10 Indie Picks and was placed on a collectible iPod! In addition, they receive airtime on Horace Heidt’s, America Swings Radio (US); Abbey 104 FM, The Boogie Train (UK); Dave Watkins, Blues & Roots Radio (UK); and Rockin Therapy Radio (Spain).

Performing regularly at venues such as the renowned Sky Room and the longest running Swing Dance Club in Los Angeles, Rusty’s Rhythm Club where they JUST FILMED a soon-to-be-aired CBS Special featuring Swing Dancer and Television personality Bill Nye the Science Guy.

Swing Dancers follow and every age group can’t get enough of Boyz and the Beez!


T H E   B E E Z:

In 2011 The Beez formed as an A Cappella Swing Trio…

Kelli is known as the “shy sister” in the group….NOT!  Kelli loves to dance and drive fast cars but has managed to have had only 1 speeding ticket!

Beez Manhattan_15-12-05_0031pp-pe

Wendi’s got an AA in falling through stages at performances; has a BA in ADD and a Masters in Adorable!

Beez Manhattan_15-12-05_0022pe-pp

Robin loves juggling…that is, she loves juggling the many aspects of her life (in no particular order): music/performing, husband, cats, family, work, exercise, travel, golf, sailing… AND… on a good day, if you’re lucky, she can actually juggle three balls!

Manhattan - Robin

T H E   B O Y Z …

In 2013, “The Beez” added our band “The Boyz” thus “Boyz and the Beez” were officially formed!

Tim our Emcee, Sound Man and Male vocalist loves Volkswagens and has owned nearly every year make and model, he does imitations and does Ethel Merman – spot on!

Beez Manhattan_15-12-05_0010pe

Lindsey  OKAY SO… she’s not a boy but she is not a Bee either… “mama keys” loves the jazz music and so do her hands. When she isn’t cuddling with a cat or dog, you can find her at the local cafe sharing her latest pun. She thinks she’s soy funny!


Barry our upright bass player. He never forgets a last name, be sure to ask him why!

Beez Manhattan_15-12-05_0008pe

Danger our Sax, Clarinet and Flute player moved out of state and The Beez made him come back.  The coolest cat on the planet, and man that boy can eat!


Brian our drummer has mad skills on roller skates, his favorite shows are “Judge Judy” and “Say Yes to the Dress.”  Seriously!

Beez Manhattan_15-12-05_0039pe

I N S P I R E D  B Y…. 


In 2011, Sisters Kelli and Wendi formed an A Cappella Swing trio (known today as “The Beez”). Kelli & Wendi inspired by their dad Fred Smith, who back in his younger years, during the time when this music was at it’s peak, was a professional singer. Their dad was on tv talk & entertainment shows as well as motion pictures.  He was notably the winner of the 1952 Horace Heidt Radio Show (The “Americas Got Talent” of its day).  Fred is 85 years old today and still inspires his girls with innovative ideas.

Audio from Kelli and Wendi’s dad winning the Horace Heidt Show in 1952: 



“Boyz and the Beez are a fantastic blend of swing and 50’s harmony, an homage to the big band era mixed with rockabilly vibes bringing you back to the pinup and coca cola soda pop days. A true combination of elegance and grace; A band that makes you want to dress to the nines. So Get ready to hit the dance floor in style.”

– Jonathan Rosenson, Owner / Sommelier CSW, The Sky Room

“Since the first time Boyz and the Beez played for us at The Sky Room, we were amazed at how good and professional they were. They really made us feel we stepped back into the 40’s. They know how to interact with the public and we get many compliments about them.

The three ladies are so friendly and such sweethearts; it’s a pleasure to work with them. Kudos also for their great sound system and band members. They are definitely one of our best bands.”

– Pierre Dony, Restaurant Manager & Sommelier, The Sky Room

“The Boyz and the Beez are an energetic, infectious group of performers – these cats are welcome at the Kitty anytime!”

– Stephen Camera, Music Director – Hip Kitty Jazz & Fondue

“So happy to include a 100% positive review for this swingbilly band. We are swing dancers, and all of their music is very danceable. The band combines a high level of musicianship with a range of hits from WWII favorites to contemporary rockabilly. We were thrilled to learn they play at our absolute favorite venue: The Sky Room in Long Beach once a month. A night there with Boyz and the Beez playing is like having our anniversary every month!”

– Gordon Alexander, Swing Dancer

“Boyz and the Beez” are perfect for a special function where live music back-ups will jazz up the night. Our residents loved to dance to songs and couldn’t get enough of their classic renditions of their favorite songs. The musicians and singers are all top rate and provide professional performances one would expect in any major city.”

“I was so excited to be introduced to the amazing trio of singers “The Beez”. Their three part harmonies are reminiscent of earlier eras and always bring a smile to the faces of our residents. The residents can also be seen singing along to the songs as the singers bring back all sorts of wonderful memories.”

“When we needed Holiday Caroling, the “Boyz and the Beez Carolers” came dressed for the holiday season and delighted everyone at our party as they strolled to all areas of our community bringing joy and cheer to all! They all have beautiful voices and have excellent talent as musicians. In addition, these folks are kind and nice and extremely responsible and professional.”

– Heather Oldfield, Entertainment Director for the Fountains at Sea Bluffs

“These guys are amazing. Tight harmonies and warm nostalgia combine to make a feel good experience every time. A word of advice. If The Boyz and the Beez are performing near your town – see them. If you’re looking for talent – book them.”

– Doug Shaner, Photographer & Fan

“They wrote a Kickin’ Ketchup jingle for our company, and the short video went viral! We can’t say thank you enough!”

– Kendra Star, Kickin Ketchup

“The harmonies are SO spot on, wonderful phrasing and vocal quality. You blend so amazingly well…. and great solos too. Oh how I wish we could clone you.

You deserve to be doing LOTS of great gigs.

ENJOYING THE CD! It’s going to be worn out in no time.”

– Gary Gamponia, Director, The Pay it Forward Band


Contact Kelli for Bookings: (714)369-0471 or via email at: boyzandthebeez@sbcglobal.net



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