BOYZ AND THE BEEZ  a “Swingabilly” band have been together since 2013, but are already favored by many! What’s a “Swingabilly” band you might ask?  Take a Swing band “The Boyz” and add into the mix a little Rockabilly flair, one part female Swingabilly trio “The Beez,” and a dash of  “Tim” and that makes a big honey pot of “Boyz and the Beez“.

Picture all the top hits from every era performed Swingabilly style.  From Elvis Presley to Johnny Cash, The Andrew Sisters to Ray Charles, all the way up to Imelda May, The Stray Cats and many more.  Boyz and the Beez put their Swingabilly twist on these classics and make them modern. You won’t be able to resist having fun!

Swing dancers follow them and line dancers line up!

Boyz and the Beez perform all over Southern California at Festivals, Night Clubs, Fairs, Summer Concerts, Car Shows and Special Events.