Hottest Swing Band in the OC!


The HOTTEST Swing, Rockabilly Swing & Country Swing band!!! 

Performing HITS in ways you’ve never heard before!

Boyz and the Beez are an innovative female singing trio… “The Beez” which also includes a terrific male vocalist & stellar swing band “The Boyz!”


Based out of Southern California Boyz and the Beez Perform regularly at numerous venues up & down the Coast and beyond. Performing for Corporate Events, Festivals, Summer Concerts, Private Functions & Weddings.

With Boyz and the Beez it’s always an event.  Come check them out live & you will see!

FEATURED AROUND THE WORLD on radio stations such as America’s Jazz and Blues Station KJAZZ 88.1. as well as radio programs in the UK such as Dave Watkins Blue & Roots AND ABBEY104 FM The Boogie Train Radio Program.


T H E   B E E Z:

In 2011 The Beez formed as an A Cappella Swing Trio…

Kelli is known as the “shy sister” in the group….NOT!  Kelli loves to dance and drive fast cars but has managed to have had only 1 speeding ticket!

Beez HB Pier_20150703_0161_resized

Wendi’s got an AA in falling through stages at performances; has a BA in ADD and a Masters in Adorable!


Robin loves juggling…that is, she loves juggling the many aspects of her life (in no particular order): music/performing, husband, cats, family, work, exercise, travel, golf, sailing… AND… on a good day, if you’re lucky, she can actually juggle three balls!

Beez HB Pier_20150703_0191_resized

T H E   B O Y Z …

In 2013, “The Beez” added our band “The Boyz” thus “Boyz and the Beez” were officially formed!

Tim our Emcee, Sound Man and Male vocalist loves Volkswagens and has owned nearly every year make and model, he does imitations and does Ethel Merman – spot on!


Barry… our keyboard player lets just say he is the biggest Dodger fan out there!  Don’t get in his way if a game is on!

14-12-19 BATB 084

Cogert our upright bass player. He never forgets a last name, be sure to ask him why!

Beez HB Pier_20150703_0041_resized

Danger our Sax, Clarinet and Flute player moved out of state and The Beez made him come back.  The coolest cat on the planet, and man that boy can eat!

beez cd party 020

Brian our drummer has mad skills on roller skates, his favorite shows are “Judge Judy” and “Say Yes to the Dress.”  Seriously!

beez cd party 237

I N S P I R E D  B Y…. 


In 2011, Sisters Kelli and Wendi formed an A Cappella Swing trio (known today as “The Beez”). Kelli & Wendi inspired by their dad Fred Smith, who back in his younger years, during the time when this music was at it’s peak, was a professional singer. Their dad was on tv talk & entertainment shows as well as motion pictures.  He was notably the winner of the 1952 Horace Heidt Radio Show (The “Americas Got Talent” of its day).  Fred is 85 years old today and still inspires his girls with innovative ideas.

Audio from Kelli and Wendi’s dad winning the Horace Heidt Show in 1952:

Contact Kelli for Bookings:  (714)369-0471 or via email at:

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